The Maronite Foundation

The Maronite Foundation in the World

On June 27, 2006, H.B. Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, signed the patriarchal declaration number 1618/2006 announcing the founding of the Maronite Foundation in the World whose primary purpose is to plan, execute, implement and “assist those Maronites dispersed around the world in facilitating their contacts with Lebanese public offices, in particular the department of personal records, and all offices concerned with records of Lebanese in the registration of marriages, birth, etc… and the preservation of their Lebanese identity”…

To this end, and in accordance with the patriarchal decree, the Maronite Foundation began its operational work on July 23, 2008 to ensure that Maronites around the world are given due attention and assistance in establishing their legal status in Lebanon. The Maronite Foundation is a non-profit organization whose funds derive from its board of trustees’ annual membership fees as well as donations.

Maronite Patriarchate Bkerke Decree

“Considering that the emigration of the Lebanese population in general and the Maronite people in particular has increased notably with time and risks breaking the ties which have historically linked Lebanon to its citizens living abroad.
Considering that the national obligation and the duty of the Mother Church requires maintaining and strengthening the ties between our compatriots and their homeland. Lebanon, as well as with their Maronite Church whose Patriarchal See is located in Lebanon, it has thus become necessary to create a Maronite Foundation whose objective is to tackle the problems of emigration.
Considering that Article 5 of the Statues of the “Maronite Foundation in the World” anticipates the creation of a Board of Trustees for this foundation by virtue of a procedure which first decrees the establishment of the “Maronite Foundation in the World” and then the nomination of its Board of Trustees.
Under this agreement, by this present act, we do so establish a Foundation under the name of “Maronite Foundation in the World” and we designate His Excellency Mr. Michel Edde as President of the Board of Trustees for a period of three years beginning with date of the present decree. The names of the Board of Trustees will be named in a subsequent decree according to the Statues of the Foundation. Promulgated the 27th of June 2006 from our Seat in Bkerke.”

His Beatitude Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros SFEIR Patriarch of Antioch and the Orient


The Maronite Foundation in the World Mission

The mission of the Maronite Foundation is to place the matter of the Maronites around the globe as its top priority while helping them preserve their identity and citizenship. This will aim to facilitate a return to their roots should they choose to benefit from the legal rights and privileges that the Lebanese nationality offers them in Lebanon.